If you guys want to suggest us any Sherlock’s OS fanfiction, we’re open to any suggestions !


Hello everyone. I have an announce to make. We discussed it with the team last evening, and it seems we have a little issue. The thing is, we realized that what we shot up this point wasn’t good at all. We talked about it, and came to the conclusion that it was too big for us. We are not giving up, but as we already said, we will wait one year before doing it. So in order to get the experience and the gear we need to make something decent, we want to ask you about an alternative. We are gonna get tons of fanfictions, OS, and adapt them into short films. This way, we will have much more material to show you, and you will see how we are improving ourselves, before we actually could make a good web-series. So, what do you think ?

Everything About IOU - Teaser #1

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SO ! How was the teaser ♥ ?

Aaaaaaaand… let’s go for the first teaser ! Spread the world guys ! We want to know if it’s cool or not !